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Technical Support

We are committed to helping our customers get the best out of our products and our dedicated customer support representatives are ready to take your technical questions right now! Please head over and register on our support desk to get help within 12-24 hours Monday to Friday. The support desk is best used for technical support questions or to report bugs or errors with your installation. We maintain a team of developers to work on your problems straight away and you will be kept updated with exactly what it happening.

All technical support is handled via the helpdesk and operated on a ticket basis. Please note that all priorities have been set to medium as we work on tickets in the order that we receive them.

Support Limitations

What We Promise From Technical Support

  • Your ticket will be answered within one hour during our normal business hours to acknowledge that we have received the ticket and explain any action that is being taken along with an estimated timeframe of when a developer will be available to work on your issue
  • Any fixes or evidence that something is working will be confirmed with a short screencapture video which enables you to view our screen as a developer demonstrates the function working
  • At the end of our working day all tickets will be updated by a support technician letting the customer know the status and when the issue is expected to be rectified
  • Technical support is limited to the fixing and correcting of functions that are not working as advertised or are causing errors that can be duplicated on our test environment
  • We will support all the current versions of our software

What We Don't Promise From Technical Support

  • We will not make any feature changes or additions
  • We will not make any changes to the design of the site unless it's been identified as a bug (ie. browser compatibility)
  • Support when the products are used outside the recommended requirements (ie. on a Windows server)
  • When 3rd party modifications and/or script changes have been made by the Customer and it's causing an error within the software
  • When the Customer has attempted to integrate 3rd party software (ie. Joomla, Wordpress) and it causes a site error
  • Installation of the software
  • Setting up your server and installing any server modules
  • Upgrading your software to the latest version
  • If you require assistance that falls under "What We Don't Promise" please contact our sales team who can give you a quote on the cost to solve your problem.