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Server Setup

A less painful option to Setup Server

Markit is a highly advanced piece of software and required specific modules to be installed on the server in order for many functions to work correctly, for example uploading various video formats needs to be converted to work with the FLV player, streaming the video requires other software etc.

Installing the modules is not as easy as pointing and clicking, it requires a system admin with knowledge of Linux, not to mention knowledge of command prompt. If you have purchased a dedicated server or virtual private server you may wish to consider getting Agriya to setup your server so that it is optimized for use with Markit. Our engineers will install all the necessary modules and software on the server via a remote connection in our office. Work will be completed within 4 hours

What Does Server Setup Include

  • Your server will be setup within 2 business days of receiving the accurate login details
  • Your server will have all the necessary modules and software installed to run the latest version of Markit
  • Your server will be optimized to run Markit as quickly as possible
  • Guarantee that the server will be configured to run Markit

What Does Server Setup Not Include

  • Setup on more than one server (or the same server, twice)
  • Installation of any additional modules or software requested by the customer
  • Guarantee that the server will run any other web software
  • Ongoing maintenance of any type

Payment Options