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Script Installation

Don't get hung up, getting set up. You need your software up and running fast. We're here to help..

No matter if you don't know your FTP from your mySQL, our installation service will get your Markit software up and running in no time. Our professional developers will ensure that your script is installed correctly and then complete a long checklist to ensure everything is working as it should be. Once installed by us, you can be certain that your site is ready to go.

What Does Script Installation Include

  • We will upload the Markit software on a server that is fully compatible with the Markit requirements
  • We will install Markit in the location of your choice, if no other instructions are given we will install it on the root of the domain
  • We will create and populate the necessary databases for the operation of the software
  • We will ensure that the correct CHMOD permissions have been set on all the files for Markit
  • We will test all the functions by uploading test files which can be removed upon request
  • We agree to install Markit once more on a different server if you have to change your server

What Does Script Installation Not Include

  • We will not install any server modules that's required for Markit to work
  • We will not continue with the installation until server meets the operating requirements of Markit
  • We will not carry out more than two installations of Markit

Payment Options