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Brand Removal

Brand Removal And Rebranding

Markit is a product copyrighted to Agriya and the customer is purchasing a license to use this product on their website. As such several areas of Markit contains our branding, for example in the footer of the website a notice tells people that your site is "Powered By Markit". Removing this copyright notice is a violation of our terms and may lead to suspension of your license.

However, Agriya understands that many businesses would prefer this information to not be available to website visitors so we have created our Brand Removal service. For a nominal fee, we will remove all references to Markit and Agriya throughout your website - there will be no indication that you are using the Markit software (unless you choose to stick with the default design of course!).

What Does Brand Removal Include

  • Removal of any references to Agriya and Markit from your website

What Does Brand Removal Not Include

  • You cannot sell the software
  • You cannot remove the Agriya branding on more than one site if you have only paid for one site

Payment Options