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Hosting Services

Agriya Hosting Packages

Web hosting can make or break the success of your website. Choose the wrong hosting solution and the entire project that you’ve been working on could fail. We have found that Web Hosting is one of those ‘after thoughts’ in many businesses IT plans and we have seen more than our fair share of websites that have gone offline due to poor hosting.

Our web hosting has been designed to provide rock solid stability for all our client projects to ensure that their website going offline is just one less thing they need to worry about.

We’re not just talking the talk here either, our Web Hosting solutions is the exact same setup that we use to keep our own network of websites online and we haven’t had a day of downtime in the last four years!

Server Options

Servers Hard Drive RAID RAM Bandwidth Monthly Min Contract
Single Proc - Multi Core
Single Proc - Dual Core 2x 250 GB SATA/SAS RAID1 4 GB 12000 GB $125.00 6 mo
Multi Proc - Multi Core
Dual Proc - Dual Core 2x 250 GB SATA/SAS RAID1 4 GB 12000 GB $175.00 6 mo
Dual Proc - Dual Core 2x 250 GB SATA/SAS RAID1 4 GB 12000 GB $275.00 6 mo
Dual Proc - Quad Core 2x 1 TB SATA/SAS RAID1 6 GB 12000 GB $300.00 6 mo

About The Servers


We use Intel processors in all our servers as they have the proven stability and support required for websites which use intensive resources.

Hard Drives

We use one of the quickest hard drive connections for speed and stability. Your users can only load your website as fast as the hard drive can serve it up so having a lightning quick HDD is essential.


This refers to how data is stored and retrieved from a hard drive. Using RAID we optimize the amount of time it takes to load and save data.


The more RAM a server has the more processes (read: visitors) it is able to handle at one time. We supply generous amounts of RAM for each server.


Bandwidth is how much data you can transfer in a month. For example if you had a 100 MB video it could be viewed 122,880 times each month before you used the bandwidth allowance we give you!

Optional Extras

Additional HDDs Price
160GB HDD SATA/IDE $40/mo
300GB HDD SATA/IDE $50/mo
500GB HDD SATA/IDE $55/mo
1TB HDD SATA $85/mo
RAID Options Price
RAID1 - (2 drives min.) $55/mo
RAID5 - (3 drives min.)


RAID10 - (3 drives min) $75/mo
Memory Price
Upgrade additional 1024 MB RAM $45/mo
Firewall Price
Managed Firewall $115/mo
Anti-Virus Software Price
Norton Antivirus for Windows Servers $30/mo
MSSQL 2005 $200/mo
MSSQL 2008 Standard $375/mo
MSSQL 2008 Enterprise $875/mo
Control Panel Price
cPanel w/ WHM for Linux $60/mo
Helm for Windows $50/mo
Backup Price
Network Backup $25/1GB
Rebook Price
Reboot Bar via IP $40/mo
Managed Price
Managed Services $225

Optional Extras

Installed Software
Windows Server 2003/2008 /CentOS 5.1
ASP.NET v2.0 Latest Service Pack
Most recent Windows Critical Updates
Internet Information Server 6.0/Apache
FTP Server
FP2002 Sever Extensions
MS Index Server
MS Transaction Server
Windows Installer 2.0
Data Access Components Latest version
XML Parser: MS XML 4.0
Windows Scripting Host: 5.6
VNC TS Remote Control Software
VisualASP Component Suite, .NET version

About The Datacenter

Datacenter Details
Negma Owned and Managed Data Center
Multi-homed Redundant Tier 1 Upstream providers
24x7 server monitoring and support
Liebert 100 KVA UPS
Diesel Generator Power Backup
Security guard
Datacenter Video Surveillance

What You Can Expect

Service from Agriya’s Web Hosting Service
Full support of the operating system running on each of your VMs
Manage and support the configuration, hypervisor layer and infrastructure 24x7x365
Assist in the design, configuration and deployment of your private cloud configuration
Purchase and renew all software licenses
Purchase all related hardware components
Manage the network and datacenter around the clock