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About Markit

Do you dream of building your own Social Bookmarking site? Then, you are in the right place. Everyone who is looking to bring traffic to their website is focused on social bookmarking sites right now. It is the right time to start a social bookmarking site with all essential features.


Why Markit?


Markit is the perfect social bookmarking script that enables you to build an effective social bookmarking site in any niche or broad market. This script will allow you to build a community in any niche. For example, you can create a community in Sports, Lifestyle, Pets, Health care and more.


Users can utilize the bookmarking service to save, share and tag all their favorite sites. Tags added to the site help to retrieve them with ease. Every time they tick their favorite, your site will be updated with tagged content and will gain a steady traffic. The traffic will grow and keep growing, creating a tremendous asset for you.