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About Markit

Markit is the perfect social bookmarking script that enables you to build an effective social bookmarking site in any niche or broad market. Users can utilize the bookmarking service to encounter bookmarks new to them, tag, save, share and all their favorite sites. Every time they tick bookmarks, your site will be updated with tagged content and your site will gain a steady train of traffic. The traffic will grow and keep growing, creating a tremendous asset for you.

Why Markit?

Social bookmarking is a great way to introduce relevant sites to others with similar tastes, drive traffic and valuable backlinks to sites. Your users can get started off with the recent and popular bookmarks. Markit has powerful features that will contribute to giving your users a different experience. Your users can access all their bookmarks online even from a computer which is not theirs and their friends can find them too. When ticking a bookmark, they can use tags to organize their bookmarks, making site browsing by tags easier.

Everyone who is looking to bring traffic to their website is focused on social bookmarking sites right now. Start your own social bookmarking site today and help people to share what they find with others.

Is Markit the right choice for me?

Web Design

Markit helps you to develop a social bookmarking site for web design to allow users to post links to gorgeous website designs and pages offering web templates, web design hints and tips. This site will surely attract web masters, programmers and other people interested in developing sites.

Educational field

Academic institutions or training centers can own a social bookmarking site to network with other educators around the globe who share common interests. Academic departments could set up an account for each class, tag resources and make the URL available to the class. Students will be able to access the resources from any internet connected computer.

They can collaborate with other schools by sharing bookmarks between all participating communities and work on projects together. The library staff could maintain a list of tags specifically relevant to their school's curriculum, and help students and teachers get desired content on the Internet easily.

As bookmarks are categorized according to their content, educators can find websites related to their research with ease.

Real Estate

Markit enables you to build a social bookmarking site for real estate. The site makes it incredibly simple for land owners, brokers and users to store and share all their favorite real estate websites. Any users running any real estate site or blog, can bookmark their site and list it under appropriate tags like buy, sell or rent a house, apartment in a specific area. Categorizing under specific tags will drive targeted traffic to their site effectively.

You can also bookmark pages related to the latest news on mortgages, refinancing and home tips with appropriate titles and keywords, to attract more visitors to your site. This will definitely increase user interaction resulting in an increased profit margin.


Build social bookmarking sites for professionals to help them find links related to their profession. Any professional like accountants and auditors, airplane pilots and navigators, architects, artists, chemists, designers, dietitians, engineers, editors, lawyers, librarians etc can form networks for their own profession by adding them as friends. The professionals can bookmark their profession related sites and share them with their friends.


Markit helps you to develop social bookmarking sites focusing on any community; for example - shipping community, religious community, sports and fitness community, catering community, fashion community, adult community, poker community, author community, etc. As sites are bookmarked under specific keywords, people who are interested in a specific community will get access to bookmarks of related sites easily. Reaching a global audience is so easy!


A social bookmarking site for the health field will attract almost all the people in the world. Mainly medical practitioners, medical experts, health care centers, physicians and other people interested in their health will visit and participate in the medical bookmarking site. The site will help patients and other medical experts visit health related sites and get answers to their questions. Even pharmacies will use such sites, to bookmark their sites and reach the intended audience.


You can choose to build a social bookmarking site for travelers. People who are interested in travel will definitely visit the site and subscribe to travel and travel related tags. The travel sites categorized under such tags will be listed under the subscription list of interested people. The chances of reaching the intended audience will effectively increase.


Building a social bookmarking site for photography will attract almost all nature lovers apart from photographers. Any photo sharing site or sites featuring excellent photography can be bookmarked to enable public to view and share photos. Anyone interested in sharing rare photographs with their family or friends will access this site. You can also bookmark sites related to photography tips and photographic products to attract more visitors.

Celebrity Gossip

There is always a market for celebrity gossips. So a social bookmarking site for celebrity gossip will attract more people. Users can bookmark links to the latest juicy celeb gossip and celebrity gossip blog pages. Users can subscribe to keywords like celebrity name or fields like acting, dancer etc to view web pages bookmarked under specific keywords and get news about specific celebrities.